Sales tracking with soul.

Increase your sales with intuitive DM management.

The days of “sorry, I missed your message” are over.
(Because A. We’re done apologizing for being human and B. We created the solution to accidentally leaving prospects on read and money on the digital table.)

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Why start Collect'ing?

Better Relationships

Stop leaving prospects on read and dropping conversations before they have a chance to be nurtured

Improved Organization

A streamlined system for sales tracking that you or your team can manage with ease

Increased Sales

When you focus on relationship building, being of service and making data-driven decisions, you end up with a more engaged audience and a bigger bottom line.

get ready to

Integrate with Instagram® to manage your sales conversations.

The magic happens in the DMs and now you can track your magic so no fairy dust falls through the cracks. Simply upload your subscribed contacts and tell us about your sales process to generate a map of where humans are on their sales journey with you.

Prepare to

Get automated reminders to follow up after someone downloads a freebie.

How many more sales could you be making if you followed up in a timely manner with everyone who is interacting with your best converting content? It’s time to find out.


All the perks of automation without losing human connection.

Your prospects are people, and we believe they should be treated as such. Streamline your process while keeping a personal touch. 

How does Collect work?

1. Sign up and link your accounts
Set up your account and start the organization process

2. Input your Offers
Tell us what you’re selling

3. Set up your Journeys
Share the steps of your sales process that lead your clients to a buying decision

4. Systematically nurture your hottest leads
Enjoy a beautiful management system that will automatically remind you how and when to follow up to keep your relationships (and revenue) growing

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